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Motorcycle Rentals

  • Overview

  • Motorcycle Rentals

    • Cruise The Las Vegas Strip


    Take to the open road, stopping where, when and for however long you wish. Hiring a motorcycle gives you the freedom to create your own adventure.

    What’s Included:

    • Unlimited mileage.
    • Motorcycle orientation covering all aspects of safe motorcycle operation and maintenance responsibilities.
    • Safety equipment. Helmets are required by law and are provided, however clients are encouraged to bring their own for the utmost comfort.
    • Storage for client luggage and valuables.
    • Free transfer to rental station within a seven mile radius.
    • State mandatory liability insurance.

    What’s Not Included:

    • Fuel costs are the client’s responsibility, with the option to prepay your first tank of fuel.
    • GPS navigation. EagleRider offer the option of motorcycle friendly GPS systems on almost all EagleRider motorcycle rentals and tours.
    • Additional insurances should be taken to suit your requirements. Options include VIP Theft & Damage Waiver, Enhanced VIP Theft & Damage Waiver or Enhanced VIP Zero Theft & Damage Waiver.
    • Security deposits.
    • One way drop fees where applicable.
    • Emergency Travel Service.
    • Taxes on these items.