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  • Yoho National Park

    Yoho National Park is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in southeastern British Columbia.Yoho showcases towering rockwalls, spectacular waterfalls and soaring peaks which earn the park its name “a place of awe and wonder”

    • Waterfall Near Lake Oesa


    • Emerald Lake


    The park has many waterfalls including Laughing Falls, Twin Falls, Wapta Falls and one of Canada's highest at 254 m (833 ft.), Takakkaw Falls. Silt carried by streams from melting glaciers is responsible for the deep and rich turquoise colour of stunning Emerald Lake and Lake O'Hara.

    One of the world's most important fossil finds, the Burgess Shale, is located here. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1981, the Burgess Shale Formation contains the fossilized remains of more than 120 marine animal species dating back 515 million years.

    Wildlife within the park includes the Canadian lynx, grizzly and black bears and wolverine.

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